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Looking to grow your stream? Try TikTok.

If you’re thinking about jumping on the TikTok grind, here are a few recommendations to help get you started.

Why TikTok?

By now, you’ve probably seen some of your favorite streamers posting their latest no scope snipe or even joining the trend of posing like a music album cover while calling out a fellow streamer on TikTok. With over 800 million active users every month, this platform has become one of the quickest ways that streamers are looking to capture a new audience.

Oberlo report stating "TikTok monthly active users: TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide."Image:

Since launching in September 2016, TikTok has quickly grown to become one of the largest social media apps across the world and with the same relative age demographic as streaming platforms, creators are beginning to see that it is a quick and efficient way to engage with new potential viewers.

Tip #1: Use hashtags

Just like Instagram, the use of hashtags gives your content the opportunity to grow by being grouped into categories.

Even if you use a generic tag like #gaming on your post, you would be entered into a category with over 14 billion (yes, billion!) views. Using a variety of hashtags to describe what your content is about will help make your posts be seen across multiple categories and is a sure way to expand your reach.

Hashtags used in a SteelSeries TikTok post including "#steelseries #gaming #videogames #gamer #esports #rgb #pcgamer #console #aimassist #bedroomcheck"

Another tip is to take advantage of using tags that brand yourself and your streams. A great example of this is using something like #yourtwitchname so your audience can search for all of your videos in one place.

Tip #2: Get with the trends

You’ve seen it by now. Everytime you get on TikTok, you are bound to catch someone sharing their version of Renegade or the latest trend. Understanding the unique language, jokes, and culture of TikTok is important if you want to be a creator.

The SteelSeries TikTok guy, for example, made a video calling people out by tricking them into thinking they are going to learn how to win free headsets (a longstanding inside joke with the community) but instead, they are just getting roasted:


answering our most common question!! ##steelseries##goingpro##progamer##gaming##videogames##homealone##promlook##fortniteevent##travisscott

♬ ceo of underrated audios - jadenhasnoclout

Good content gets people talking about your post. When you make content that everyone can relate to on some level, it is more likely to be shared. When you combine this with using relevant hashtags, expect to see a lot more views and followers than usual!

Tip #3: Plug your stream!

This should go without saying, but once you start to grow on TikTok, make sure you let people know that are are a streamer and to find you on whatever other platforms!

Warning: There is a fine line between letting people know that you are live on stream and constantly overloading them with self promotion. There is a good chance that if you are only posting content that talks about joining you in your stream, people will not want to stick around for the content you post on TikTok. So be sure to keep a balance between fun, engaging, and trendy content as well as letting people know about the stream.

Whether you are just getting started in your stream or you have been at it for years, TikTok has shown content creators a huge avenue to gain new followers. Don’t be afraid to try and post some new content and see where it can take you!

And of course, tag @steelseries with your original TikTok content for comments, likes, replies, and a healthy dose of realness 🙌