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Paluu opiskelemaan Arctis 1:n avulla

The Arctis 1 goes wherever you go and beyond, including campus.

As the summer days begin to slowly phase into chilly fall evenings, that means it's time to head back to campus. But you don't have to stop enjoying your favorite games and socializing with friends just because you're getting back to textbooks and lectures. We have excellent portable options for gaming battlestations available, with wireless RGB keyboards and reliable mice that can take you from writing papers to laying in League of Legends in your dorm room in the blink of an eye. But we also have the perfect headset to help you pull double and triple duty when going back to campus: the all-rounder Arctis 1, the all-platform gaming headset that's a necessity for getting your head back into the educational game. Here are just some of the ways you can get back to campus with the Arctis 1.

Enjoy your Switch during your commute

Have a lengthy commute to class or another area outside campus? Chances are you probably bring your Switch with you, right? The Arctis 1 is the perfect companion for your Switch, as it's fully compatible with the portable handheld, whether you want to hear every single second of the game you're playing or you feel like voice chatting with friends thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online app. Given that the Arctis 1 itself is compact and portable, it'll fit in your bag with your Switch perfectly so you can tote both along with you -- the game never has to end, even if you're riding the subway or train to your next destination or just waiting at the station.

Crystal-clear virtual classes

Even if you're headed to campus, you might find yourself on the other end of a Zoom call. Whether you're grouping up with friends to complete a project or connecting with your professor and fellow students, relying on the built-in microphones most computers include isn't the best way to go. With the Arctis 1's detachable ClearCast noise canceling microphone, you get Discord-certified natural sound, so you don't have to yell to be heard or deal with pesky echoes. Plus, you'll be able to hear everyone easily as well -- it's the best way to ensure your online meetings and classes go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, we can't help you if you start nodding off.

A SteelSeries fan using their Arctis 1 on the go with their phone.

Keep it quiet in the dorm

So you're staying in a dorm. Or maybe you even have a roommate. Either way, gaming at night or during any sort of quiet hours proves difficult. You don't want to wake anyone up when you're playing Rainbow Six Siege and you don't want to be rude. Luckily, the Arctis 1 is the perfect companion for any gaming setup, so you can still hear everything you need to, from footsteps to bullets whizzing through the air around you. It's compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC and features the same signature soundscape as the rest of the award-winning Arctis series. Plus, it comes with a steel-reinforced headband that you can adjust for the perfect fit, no matter whether you're playing 20 minutes or aa few hours.

Cut down on noisy calls

If you're missing your family or friends back home, but trying to call them feels like a farce with all the noise going on around your on campus, the Arctis 1 can help. Use your calling method of choice, whether you plug into your mobile device or a Skype chat, and enjoy built-in noise canceling. Your parents don't have to hear the craziness down the hall and you won't have to keep repeating how excited you are to finally have gotten a roommate you actually like. You can chat as little or as long as you want with the Arctis 1, as it's built for comfort, great sound, and excellent clarity.

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