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Kaikkien resurssien kerääminen Loop Hero -pelissä

Loop Hero throws you in to the world of loops with little to no explanation. While some players like to figure everything out on their own through trial and error, you might be wondering how exactly to get the items and materials that you need to upgrade your camp without all the experimentation.

All photos are from Loop Hero on Steam.

How to farm orbs in Loop Hero

You won't be able to farm all of these materials right away, at least not until you unlock certain buildings in your camp. Later in the game you will unlock the Encyclopedia which will help remind you where to farm materials. Until then, here's an overview of each item and how to farm them:

How to farm Orb of Immortality

Orb of Immortality is gained by killing the first boss encounter, the Lich.

How to farm Orb of Unity

Orb of Unity is farmed by defeating Liquid or Swarm type enemies, like common Slimes which are Liquid type.

How to farm Orb of Crafts

Orb of Crafts is earned by killing Artificial and Object type enemies, such as treasure chests from Battlefield tiles.

How to farm Astral Orb

Astral Orb is earned when you beat Mage and Cosmic type enemies like Dark Slimes, which are created when you destroy a Goblin Camp with a Goblin on the tile. Check the type of enemy you are fighting by hovering over the enemy in battle.

How to farm Orb of Expansion

Orb of Expansion requires a bit of planning. You'll need to get into and win battles against 5+ monsters for a chance at the drop, which is more enemies than typically spawn on a tile. To get 5+ enemies stacked on 1 tile, Place Vampire Mansions near Villages to spawn both Vampires and Ghouls. Battling even more than 5 enemies in a single fight increases the drop chance.

How to farm Orb of Afterlife

Orb of Afterlife is auto-created from a stack of 10 Pitiful Remains. These drop from Vampire and Undead Types after you beat the first boss. Check the type of enemy you are fighting by hovering over the enemy in battle.

How to farm Orb of Evolution

Orb of Evolution drops from Living or Plant type enemies like Bandits, who will spawn from Bandit Camps for every two Villiage tiles that you place.

How to farm material item stacks in Loop Hero

The following items are auto-created when you have enough stacks of the base items. Here's what they are and where to find them:

How to farm Stable Wood

1 Stable Wood is auto-created from a stack of 12 Stable Branches, which are acquired when you walk over Grove tiles.

How to farm Preserved Rock

1 Preserved Rock is auto-created from a stack of 10 Preserved Pebbles. You gain pebbles when you walk through a Cemetary tile, or when you place Rock or Mountain tiles on the map. When you place your Rocks and Mountains in a 3x3 grid (9 total), it will create a Mountain Peak, which will award a nice handful of Preserved Pebbles. (Pro tip: redeem more Mountain Peaks by using Oblivion on an existing Peak).

How to farm Food Supply

1 Food Supply is auto-created from a stack of 12 Rations. You can get rations whenever you place a Meadow tile. (Hint: place Meadow tiles around your Treasuries and next to rocks/mountains.) Food supplies can also drop from combat on Battlefield tiles and from Farms back at camp.

How to farm Stable Metal

1 Stable Metal is auto-created from a stack of 13 Scrap Metal. Gather Scrap Metal when your weapon/gear/armor inventory overflows. You can also earn Scrap Metal when you complete a Treasury by surrounding it with Meadow and Rock tiles.

How to farm Metamorphosis

1 Metamorphosis is auto-created from a stack of 20 Noticeable Change, which are created when creating special tiles. For example, a regular Meadow turns into into a Blooming Meadow when it exists next to Rocks, Mountains, or Treasuries.

How to farm Book of Memories

1 Book of Memories is auto-created from a stack of 10 Memory Fragments. Don't use all of your cards: Memory Fragments are earned when you have too many cards in your hand and the oldest card(s) on the left overflow, turning into Memory Fragments. They are also creased when you place Cemetary tiles, and when you build a Cemetary back at camp.

How to see what items drop in Loop Hero

First, make sure that you select your backpack to show it's contents while out on an expedition. This will allow you to keep an eye on everything that you are farming during the run.

The backpack icon can be found along the top of your screen to the right of the "Adventure"/"Planning" option.

Open backpack icon in Loop Hero expedition Click the backpack icon to show or hide the contents.

Once you can see your backpack's icon-only contents, simply hover over any of them and check the name and description in the bottom right portion of the screen:

Loop Hero item description "Orb of Expansion: a physical manifestation of expanding space in the form of a little sphere"

How many of my resources do I get to keep?

You don't get to keep any of the inventory that you gain during a run, AKA your weapons and armor. You do however retain any of the materials from your backpack:

Open backpack inventory in Loop Hero with various unnamed icons

  • If you retreat from your expedition at a campfire, you will retain 100% of these materials
  • If you retreat from your expedition while not at a campfire, you will retain 60% of your materials
  • If you die in battle, you will retain 30% of your materials

So when farming, it's imperative that you play safe and make sure to get back to your campfire to leave the loop with 100% of your farmed materials.

Ways to increase farm

  • Adjust your deck around the items you are farming for
  • Card placement matters. Take some time to experiment and learn about how to place and combo your tiles on the map.
  • After you unlock the Town, you can select in-expedition traits to speed up and improve your farming like this one: A trait selection in Loop Hero "Awakened Fragment: 2% chance to get a whole resource sphere instead of a chunk"

I hope this helps you farm those coveted Loop Hero items and enjoy the game the fullest. Good loops and have fun!

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