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6 Tips to Win Fortnite Mobile

No console? No PC? Ei hätää. Here’s our tips on Fortnite mobile, so you can rack up wins from anywhere.

Sometimes you find yourself needing to scratch that itch and drop Tilted when you’re on-the-go or away from your primary system, and I hope these tips help you get going.

Even if you're familiar and comfortable playing on PC/console, don't forget to make these adjustments when you load it up on mobile.

5 Fortnite player characters on blue background

Tip #1: Configure your settings

After you survive the brutal 1,7 GB download, the first thing you will want to do is head straight in to settings and start to configure them for the most optimal experience. In my experience, the gameplay will be the smoothest with these set…

Auto Open Doors: ON. As you approach doors, they will automatically open, negating the need to tap your screen and saving you time.

Auto Sort Consumables to Right: ON. I find my inventory to be more organized and easier to navigate when this is turned on.

Auto Pick-Up Weapons: OFF. You may think you want this on so to get a head start on opponents, but I find that it clutters up my inventory too fast with unessential items that I will drop anyway.

Matchmaking Region: SET TO CLOSEST REGION. You’re going to want the best ping possible, and sometimes the auto region select can get it wrong. Select the region with the lowest ping and avoid a headache in the future.

Voice Chat: ON. Dropping in to a duo or squad game? You’ll want to be able to hear your teammates and you won’t be able to without this turned on.

Push To Talk: ON. However, your teammates won’t want to hear that bag of Doritos you just opened so turn on push to talk to keep them happy. Turn it off if you’re in a generally quiet place.

These settings are what works best for me, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. Try them all out and find your preference!

Tip #2: Get your sensitivity right

Fortnite Mobile’s touch controls are a lot different than what you would be used to on a PC or console. Due to the nature of the game, the constant surveying and moving your camera around, you will spend a lot of time swiping away at your phone screen.

Touch sensitivity is a really personal thing and everyone will have their own preference, so don’t go copying your favorite streamer or YouTuber thinking it will automatically work for you. Start dropping a couple solo matches and pay attention to how fast, or slow, your sensitivity feels and keep tweaking it until you feel like it’s the most comfortable for you.

Huomaa: Having a lower sensitivity will generally make it easier to aim, at the cost of making building harder. A higher sensitivity will have the opposite effect. Try to find a good middle ground.

Tip #3: Configure your HUD

In Fortnite Mobile you have the ability to completely customize your head-up display (HUD) with every single combat and building control. Head to the ‘HUD Layout Tool’ screen in the settings dropdown and start experimenting, try to find some inspiration from your favorite content creators.

Fortnite pre-jump phase

Use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Just like sensitivity, a HUD that works well for me may not work well for you. Try a bunch of different layouts, and with tweaks and practice, you’ll find something that is perfect for you.

Tip #4: Format your HUD to fit your grip

However, you’ll be limited in your HUD options based on your grip…

If you use a regular grip (two thumbs) you’ll want to use something similar to the default layout, but increase the button size. Move the weapon selection bar to the right for easy selection, and also add a quick bar for all the building pieces so you can build as soon as you’re getting shot at.

Person playing Fortnite on mobile

I would personally recommend the more complicated claw grip (two thumbs, two index fingers) when playing Fortnite Mobile. It will take some time to get used to, but with four fingers on the screen at all times you will have more freedom and you’ll find your gameplay becoming more fluid as you spend more time playing.

Tip #5: Try a controller

Now that Fortnite Mobile has announced controller support, it’s a good idea to try it out. Not only will it make your touchscreen HUD obsolete, but you might prefer using a controller instead of a touchscreen.

With it's mobile AND PC functionality, a controller like the Stratus Duo would be our reccomendation, whether it’s playing from your couch or on-the-go (of course using a SmartGrip), and the Nimbus+ for Apple devices.

Huomaa: I use, and recommend, a claw grip if you’re using a controller. Always keep your thumb on the right stick, index finger on the buttons and middle finger on the triggers. You’ll never have the problem of switching between aiming and jumping.

Hands holding Stratus Duo controller

(Check out TehToinon's claw guide)

Tip #6: Keep up with official Patch Notes

A couple times a month, Epic will release patch notes that will note every single change that they’ve made on the new update. Because Fortnite is a constantly evolving game, it’s important to keep up with new weapons, items, and locations as well as changing drop rates and damage modifiers. Keep an eye on vaulted weapons (RIP bolt-snipers, heavy shotguns and SMGs), bug fixes and events as well.

Knowing the current state of the game as much as possible will give you an advantage that you may not even realize you have.