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Rainbow Six Extraction -vihollisopas

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction brings the hardcore tactical gameplay the series is known and mixes it with field infiltration missions, infested with a parasite that breeds Archæns. Learn all about those here.

A cataclysmic event, involving the outbreak of a mysterious substance, triggers a deadly battle against an evolving threat. As certain zones in the world get covered in Parasite, Rainbow HQ and its Operatives, known from Rainbow Six Siege, return to the fray to battle hordes of Archæans. Squads of three highly-trained Operatives venture on various tactical incursions with a variety of objectives, such as rescuing teammates, decontamination of nests, hunting specific monsters, and so on. It's up to the squad to venture as far as they think they can — the longer they stay before exfiltration, the bigger the rewards.

SteelSeries partnered with Ubisoft to deliver an awesome squad experience for you. With every purchase of the Arctis 9 Wireless, get a free copy of Rainbow Six Extraction. It's that easy to have an awesome, lag-free, wireless headset for high fidelity gaming audio on both PC and PlayStation. The Discord-certified microphone makes it perfect for teaming up with your friends in this deeply tactical, communication-heavy game. There's even an easy on-ear ChatMix dial to adjust focus between game audio and the voice chat on the fly. The Signature Arctis sound makes a difference in hearing clear communication as well as every game detail as you scout out the Archæns. For all else, enjoy simultaneous Bluetooth for other calls or music while playing, or use the Arctis 9 with other devices. Arctis 9 Headset and Rainbow Six Extraction Knowing the threats ahead means the difference between a successful extraction and getting overwhelmed. Rainbow Six Extraction isn't like other "zombie" shooters you might know. You can't just charge into the fray, spray, and pray. If you've played Rainbow Six Siege, you'll feel right at home (and if you haven't, don't worry, the game's extensive tutorials will bring you up to speed). Whether you start every move with a scouting drone, or approach stealthily, or tag enemies from afar, a methodical reconnaissance is the way to go.

For example, a stealth takedown against an enemy is much better than just shooting it, because it won't generate Sprawl, which covers stages in black ooze that's advantageous to the Archæans. Nests will continue to spawn monsters as well until you deal with them. As far as specific enemy types, refer to our guide below to get the upper hand.


Rainbow Six Extraction Breacher You better get the jump on the Breacher before it does on you. All it wants to do is rush right at you and explode, blowing up and causing massive damage in a big area.


Rainbow Six Extraction Sower Don't get outsmarted by this one. Sowers go around leaving traps for you, which have a powerful blinding effect. That would make you vulnerable and drop your precious health fast.


Rainbow Six Extraction Smasher This big boy is good at one thing, and that's smashing you. Avoid close contact at all costs! However, armor-like Carapace covers it. You'll have to focus on Smasher's weak points to defeat it effectively.


Rainbow Six Extraction Lurker This is a support type. Dangerous in groups even with the basic Grunts (run-of-the-mill monster-soldiers) and Spikers (they shoot projectiles) because it buffs others. It also has the ability make itself and other enemies invisible.


Rainbow Six Extraction Apex A high-tier Archæan, bring everything you've got for this one. Apex summons other creatures to help it fight, so you'll have to be very organized to take this one out. Make sure to use every tool at your disposal for this one.


Rainbow Six Extraction Alibi Now this is a different battle entirely. Alibi is an advanced type of enemy, a Protean, who try to mimick Operators. Alibi can duplicate itself to deceive you, so you and your squad need to stay on their toes.


Rainbow Six Extraction Sledge Be careful of getting close to this tanky Protean. A frontal Carapace shields Sledge from bullets, and it gets even harder as the fight keeps going. Packs a sweet hammer to end Operators who get too close.


Rainbow Six Extraction Smoke As the name implies, this Protean uses poisonous gas to smoke out Operators. Make sure to avoid standing in it at all costs but also don't lose sight of Smoke, as it's highly mobile. It also packs a shotgun for close-range damage.

And that's it for this guide, but there are a couple more Archæans we haven't covered, so be sure to gather intel as needed when you go into missions. Keep in mind that a stealthy approach with takedowns, after scouting out areas, is always much better than going in head-first. Choose your squad, perfect your loadout, and make sure to not step into Sludge.

Make sure to also read about how the SteelSeries Engine integrates with Rainbow Six Extraction to see how your gear is uniquely responsive to in-game events.