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Status Effects in the New Marvel Avengers Game

You might be wondering what each of the unique status effects in the new Marvel Avengers game do. Here's a quick and easy breakdown of the ones we know so far.

This August, the third and final weekend beta test for Square Enix’s “Marvel Avengers” came to an end.

One of my favorite parts of the game was finding loot with different properties on them that completely altered my playstyle. Nothing topped finding some gear for Iron Man that applied Pym particles to my lasers, which resulted in my enemies getting shrunken to teeny tiny sizes. Paired up with Iron Man’s laser spin, this resulted in mass shrinkage and had me button mashing my triangle button in every fight.

This left me curious though about what each of the status effects do, so I decided to compile them below for any curious superheroes-to-be:

Marvel's Avengers Status Effect List

  1. Cosmic Ionization: If an enemy takes enough Cosmic damage, they become ionized, incurring an increase in damage from incoming attacks while simultaneously boosting Hero Willpower. Iron Man flying with a cosmic effect coming out of both handsFrom /u/VibeMaster4245 on Reddit
  2. Cryo Freeze: If an enemy takes enough Cryo damage, they freeze, slowing movement and decreasing the frequency of all actions. Inhibits many defensive abilities altogether.
  3. Gamma Poisoning: If an enemy takes enough Gamma damage, they become poisoned, incurring additional intermittent damage that they spread to nearby enemies. Being defeated while suffering the status effect causes a large Gamma explosion.
  4. Plasma Burn: If an enemy takes enough Plasma damage, they burn and are intermittently interrupted from attacking. Some enemies will also be staggered by this effect.
  5. Pym Shrink: If an enemy takes enough Particle damage, the Pym Particles cause them to Shrink. While reduced in size, enemies deal less damage and take more damage from all attack. A character next to a shrunken enemyFrom /u/thechristopherglen on Reddit
  6. Electro Shock: If an enemy takes enough Shock damage, they become shocked, incurring increased damage from incoming attacks and a greater chance that Critical Attacks will occur. Iron Man with a lightning charged fistFrom /u/VibeMaster4245 on Reddit

There also seem to be other fun gear effects as well, like a chance to reverse a targets gravity and send them floating through the air. There may be even more left to discover when the full game launches, so stay tuned!

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