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Suorita Prime Battlestationisi

If you've already picked up an Arctis Prime headset and chosen your Prime mouse, here are the products to round out a clean and sleek combative setup.

You don't have to be a professional gamer to have a tournament-ready setup. All you need is the right gear to push you forward and ensure you have everything you need to achieve victory, with no distractions. So whether you're smoking enemies in Valorant or you're ready to burst out of the gulag and to the top of the leaderboard in Call of Duty, we've got all the products to keep you focused and ready to achieve.

With the new SteelSeries Prime line, we've delivered the ultimate ready-to-win products. If you've already picked up an Arctis Prime headset and chosen your Prime mouse, you've got to get the rest of our pro gear, too. Here's how to complete your combative set up, whether you're looking for a great new keyboard, a non-slip mousepad, or a place to hang your headset when you're done issuing orders.

Apex Pro TKL Keyboard

A closer look at the Apex Pro TKL keyboard in all its glory.

No matter what game you're playing, you need a formidable keyboard to back you up. Zero in on the win with the Apex Pro TKL, the next leap in mechanical keyboards. This keyboard includes first-of-its-kind adjustable mechanical switches for customizable per-key sensitivity. That means it offers 8x faster response time, 5x faster actuation, and 2x the durability so it's tough enough to handle anything you throw at it. Plus, you can customize its OLED Smart Display to serve up info pulled straight from your favorite games and apps. It's sleek, sturdy, and ready to take on the world with you.

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QcK Heavy XXL

A look at the mousepad that'll keep slip-ups from happening.

The last thing you need during a heated match of League of Legends is a slip-up, whether it comes in the form of a mistake you make in-game or your mouse sliding on your desk. Eliminate all possibilities of these types of issues with a mousepad like the QcK Heavy. This cloth mouse pad features an extra thick, non-slip rubber base that cuts out unwanted movement, thanks to its micro-woven cloth. It's optimized for both low and high CPI tracking, and it's durable and washable to keep things tidy. Snag it in XXL, but you can grab other sizes to accommodate any battle station.

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HS1 alumiininen kuulokemikrofoniteline

A look at the headset stand with a headset hanging from it.

Any serious player needs a place to hang their Arctis Prime. Our HS1 Aluminum Headset Stand is the perfect place to do just that. Custom designed to hang all existing SteelSeries headsets, this is an easy way to display and store the very tool that helps keep you in communication with the rest of your squad.

Grab yours here.

With these peripherals in hand, you'll stand ready for battle, no matter the situation. Be sure to outfit your own setup with this battle-tested gear that's ready for just about anything.

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