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Fortnite, kausi 5 – viikon 10 haasteopas

Another Fortnite season, another week of challenges. Here's what you need to do to conquer Season 5, Week 10, so you can come out on top.

Fortnite has entered Season 5, and there have been a series of weekly challenges for some time. The latest is Week 10, there are several ways to ensure you're getting the most out of your Battle Pass.

There's still over a month of content left in the Battle Pass before it ends on March 15. You should definitely partake in this challenge before it's over, because it represents something of a "break" in the more difficult to complete activities.

Take advantage of this slower set of challenges before things ramp up before Season 5 gives way into the next set of tests and challenges. You never know what's going to happen next in Fortnite, after all.

All Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 Challenges

Fortnite's picturesque Lazy Lake and its surrounding buildings.Source: Epic Games

Week 10's challenges are all quite simple. You won't need much time to complete them, so you can get them all finished without having to worry about your schedule. There's already so much else to do in Fortnite that this doesn't need to be a huge thing, of course.

You'll need to fight off IO Guards, use your pickaxe, swim at Lazy Lake, and do some dancing. But none of it should be particularly hard. Here's a rundown of what you need to do.

Epic Challenges

  • Eliminations with Common weapons (1)
  • Use food consumables (3)
  • Dance near Pleasant Park (1)
  • Go for a swim at Lazy Lake (1)
  • Deal melee damage (300)
  • Upgrade weapons (3)
  • Eliminate IO Guards (5)

These are all pretty simple to complete and need little explanation, but just in case you're having trouble, here are a few important details.

Upgrade your weapon by speaking to Brutus at Dirty Docks, and get a Common weapon to go on a rampage. You can kill two birds with one stone this way and complete both the "upgrade weapons" part of the challenge as well as "Eliminations with Common weapons" portion. Easy peasy.

Dancing near Pleasant Park is as easy at traveling to the location on the map, using a dance emote, and taking off. Niin yksinkertaista se on. The rest of the challenges are quite literal in that you need to swim in Lazy Lake, use food consumables (just eat somethinig!), and be sure to find some IO Guards for some simple challenges. It couldn't get any breezier this week.

Players completing some melee kills in Fortnite.Source: Epic Games

Legendary Challenges

  • Destroy beds
  • Destroy sofas
  • Destroy chairs

You'll need to do these things 100 times to unlock all of the rewards available to you, so you may need to spend a bit more time on this portion of the weekly challenges. Be patient, though, and you'll be through it all before you know it.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next set of challenges, as the game is sure to start heating up as we enter spring and the weather starts heating up. There's undoubtedly more difficult Battle Pass missions still to come.

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