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Taikajuomien käyttö Loop Hero -pelissä

Need some help staying alive in Loop Hero? Here's how you can use a potion to stay in the fight longer.

Loop Hero is a challenging new strategy RPG that'll have you pulling out all the stops to survive. It plays exactly like the title implies: you'll need to navigate a loop to defeat a evil Lich who's plunged the world into darkness. That means you'll occasionally need some help staying alive.

Potions are an RPG mainstay that can help you do that. But how do you get to them, and what's more, how do you use them? If you're struggling with this looping RPG that's got everyone positively entranced, don't worry. We've got the answers you seek.

Taikajuomien käyttö Loop Hero -pelissä

A look at several structures you can build in Loop Hero, like the Herbalist's Hut.Source: Devolver Digital

Using potions in Loop Hero works a lot differently than in other games. If you're familiar with the Final Fantasy series, or really any RPG, you know you can select a potion from your inventory, choose a character to give it to, and it's down the hatch.

You'll see their health restored in an instant. In Loop Hero, healing is automatic, as long as you have potions in your inventory and need them. Near the end of each loop, you'll get a couple of health potions in return for having built the Herbalist's Hut upgrade in your camp.

Using potions is a multi-step process, so there are multiple steps to follow here as well.

How to build the Herbalist's Hut

A look at the building screen ahead of crafting the Herbalist's Hut.Source: Devolver Digital

The Herbalist's Hut is an early building that you can learn how to build. You won't have access to it right away, but once you do, you'll be able to create one with the following materials:

  • 2 x Preserved Wood
  • 3 x Preserved Stone
  • 4 x Food Supplies

You can earn these items by placing cards that you find from enemies after defeating them. Try to collect Rations by placing Meadow cards. You need 12 Rations to create a Food Supply. Try placing Rock or Mountain cards to get the Preserved Pebbles that you need, as 10 of them can be used to make one Preserved Stone. If you place a Grotto on your loop, you'll get a Stable Branch. Combine 12 of these to make Preserved Wood.

Eventually, once you've gotten all of your resources, you can build your Herbalist's Hut with the aforementioned materials.

How to earn potions

A scenic landscape in Loop Hero that isn't riddled with dangers.Source: Devolver Digital

After you've built up your Herbalist's Hut, you can set off on Expeditions. Each one will net you two health potions. At the end of each loop, you'll get two more. They'll be consumed automatically, and you can only hold a set number at any time. If you happen to have more than that number when finishing a loop, you'll lose the additional potions.

So while there isn't any real option to use your potions in Loop Hero how you see fit, this should help to understand how they fit into the scheme of things. It's a challenging game, to be sure. Make sure you know how to game the system effectively!

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